SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2020

Top 10 Bad SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2020

Top 10 Bad SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2020


Today’s my topic is SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2020″ Dedicated to the beginners. I have seen many times that people get so busy doing SEO that they make some mistakes. These mistakes have a very adverse effect on your website. In this article, I will tell you all the mistakes that you do not have to repeat.

I will only request you to remain in my whole article so that you understand my point and if there is any problem then you must comment on it.

                                                 :- Shreyansh had Tried To Explained About It
I am giving you a shortlist of the mistakes which are described in this article. 

  1. Understanding and research of keywords
  2.  Non-original content
  3. No Internal Linking
  4.  Understanding analytics
  5.  Integration is not made in the begging
  6. Creating same anchor text for all link
  7. Backlink quantity
  8.  Consistent
  9.  Not doing a regular audit
  10. Patience

I will only request you to remain in my whole article so that you understand my point and if there is any problem then you must comment on it.

Let’s start 

Understanding and research of keywords

Sometimes while searching the keyword many people don’t understand keywords and don’t know the best way to research keywords. This causes adverse effects on SEO.

Whether you are old or not, that understanding and research of keywords should come very well. Because keywords are the only thing that makes it easy to rank your website.



 The mistake in researching is mostly found in those people who are beginners and have a brand new website.

The mistake is that beginners use short-tail keywords which they get very easily since they are very difficult to rank. This is because their website doesn’t have any authority, backlinks, traffic, rank, etc.

Avoid It 

I told you the mistake, now let us see how to avoid the mistake.

Keywords Selection

If you are a beginner, you should use long-tail keywords because they have high search volume and low competition rate. These long-tail keywords will make your site rank better in search engines.

You should avoid the use of sort-tail keywords until your domain gets a high authority. 

Understanding Keywords

You can easily find a keyword but the main reason is the understanding. If you do not understand this, then your website will never rank in Google’s search engine.

It is a bit difficult, but not so much that you cannot understand it.  Let me help you

Whenever you research your keyword always keep in mind that keyword is relevant to your niche.

Don’t choose any irrelevant keyword which matches your topics or niche. 

Non-original Content

Have you ever thought why there is less traffic on non-original content?

Let me tell you.

The user comes to your website only when he needs something. If you have fake the content or it is false then the user will come to this site but do not last long.

This will have two effects on your website, first that your bounce rate will increase and second, the site will never rank in Google. 

This will be because Google always ranks 100% original content only.


This mistake is commonly done by both premium or beginners bloggers. However premium bloggers don’t make this type of mistake but sometimes accidentally they do.


It is often in new people that they do not get content and post the duplicate or fake content. The side effect of this is, their website does not rank in Google.

Sometimes Google block their website from the search if lots of duplicate content found

Following mistake are common in beginners

  1. Copying content from other websites. 
  2. Posting fake content


The best way to not make this mistake again is that whatever you are writing, write with yourself, do not copy from anywhere and start writing only after doing all the research about what you write, if it is correct.

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No Internal Linking

There is a very common mistake which happens the most, but its side effects are very bad in getting better SEO.

Internal linking connects your website to each other well and Google gives a good idea of ​​its structure.

It is very important in establishing a hierarchy of our site and allowing us to give the important page and post more link value than other, less valuable pages.

So internal linking is very important in every part of SEO


The best way to avoid this mistake is that whenever you write a blog, do the internal linking inside it.

Understanding analytics

The only work of analytics is to tell you how your website is behaving.

It means analytics tell you where your website is ranking, in which country you have most users, on what strategies you will work to improve your ranking and much more.

It is only important to understand analytics that it gives you important knowledge of your website like search traffic, new user, website speed, your keywords, details of your revenue,

Benefits of Analytics

The analytical benefit is that it gave you an idea of ​​how to make your website so that it does not have any difficulty in being ranked.

The second benefit is that it tells you how your user is behaving on your website.


This mistake is mostly done by beginners.

 So I will discuss only the mistakes made by beginners.


Those who are beginners, they do not know much about analytics, so they keep ignoring this thing. Even if they receive any warning messages from analytic, they just ignore it and move on.

This mistake would create the biggest side effect for their site.


Following are some ways by which you can rectify this mistake.

  • Understand every change in your site through analytics. 
  • Always watch the bounce rate if it increases then try to fix 🔧 it. 
  • If there is any error remove them as fast as you can. 

Integration is not made in the starting

There are some integrations that you have to make when your website is brand new. If you made any delay in the integration, you will not get an accurate report of websites behaviour.

Following are the list of the integration which you have to do at the beginning of your website when it is going to be live on the search engine.

  • Google search console 
  •  Integration of Google Analytics
  •  Google tag manager. You can add Google tag manager after some time but if you have integrated at the beginning, then it is very good.
  • Google optimise.

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Creating same anchor text for all link

It is also a common mistake among beginners and a premium blogger because it is related to the technical part of our website theme.

In some website templates, there are Different different anchor text for the different link but in some cases, there is not much difference is present.

So what you have to do is, while giving a link in your blog edit the anchor text of those link with your related words. 

Backlink Quantity

We all know that backlink is an essential part of Technical SEO of a website but in limited quantities.

Choosing backlink quantity is the most common mistake in beginners.


As I told you that backlink is very important, but what new people do, they make a lot of backlink at once, which increases the spam score of their website and makes their website kept in the sandbox.

I have already made an article, just visit and read it if your website is kept in the sandbox. 

How to get out of Google sandbox?


Following are the ways in which you can avoid this type of mistake.

  • Make nearly 4-7 do-follow backlink in the one month. 
  • Don’t try to get a backlink from fakes sites. 
  • Always take backlink from high authority websites. 

While making backlink always keep in mind that your do-follow backlink always is in the same quantity as your no-follow backlink.

Do follow = No Follow


If you are blogging, always remember one thing and maintain consistency on it. I mean to say that you regularly post a blog. If you remain regularly posting blogs on your website, then slowly that website automatically starts coming in the top 10 pages of Google.


What a lot of people do is put two-three posts continuously.  After that, they didn’t post for three to four days and then post 4-5 blogs the next day. This kills their consistency.

Doing this will worsen their SEO and it would become very difficult to rank in Google.


The best way to rectify this mistake is to keep posting regularly.

 If a post is not able to be done in 1 day, then definitely make a post in 2 days, which will maintain your consistency and make your website rank easy in Google. 

Not doing a regular audit

Do you know why regular audits of your website are necessary?

If no, let me tell you.

A regular site audit is very important because they highlight every mistake that is happening in your website. So that you can improve them. 

Basically, the site audit shows the technical error in your website design or theme. 


 The main mistake which is very common among people is if there’s an error in the technical part of their website they just ignore it, which causes a problem in the future.


Following are the methods to avoid mistakes.

  • Do regular audits. 
  • Contact any web developer if there is a technical error in the site. 
  • Don’t ignore if any mistake is seen. 


It is not a Technical mistake, technological mistake, but it’s a natural mistake in our self that we don’t have the patience.

Everyone knows that patience is very important to get success.


All of you must be wondering how does being patient rank someone’s website?


Patience is low among people who have a new website. These people are always wondering how their website starts to rank in the top 10 searches on Google.

Some people work so hard on a 1-month-old website that they get bored slowly and become frustrated 😫😤😔 and left their website.


There is no written way to correct this mistake unless you are patient with yourself.

My advice to everyone is that any website if it is new it takes time of 3 to 6 months to get rank in Google. 

No website ranks before 3-6 month. 

So keep patience you will definitely get ranked. 

Frequently asked questions

Is choosing a complex design for our website is also SEO mistakes?

Yes, of course choosing a complex design for your website is a mistake.

Is adding a post view counter in Blogger good for SEO, or will it slow down the page load time?

Of course, not adding a post view counter in blogger will not slow down your page load time. It doesn’t matter in SEO.

If you have any problem, then you must tell us in the comment.  We are always ready to help you.

Thank you

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