Best Ways Rank Videos On YouTube 2020

Tricks To Rank Videos On YouTube

How to Rank Videos On YouTube 2020


Hello everyone, how are you?

I am back again with another article that is “How To Rank Videos on YouTube “. This article is very helpful to those people who have you’ve worked hard for their videos but they couldn’t get views or subscriber.

In this article, I will discuss the methods that you can apply rank videos on YouTube well.

Let’s start the article without wasting any time.


Before starting to explain this topic I want to describe some basic terms, i.e Niche.


Niche means the topic or the theme on which you are making the video.

Let me tell you with the help of an example.

If you are wishing to make videos regarding technology then your niche is Technology. So you should make the videos which are related to tech.

Do not change your Niche:-

It is the most common mistake among the beginners that they change Niche content video by video.


Your niche is tech but after 5-10 video you started to uploading music, film, etc.

It confuses the audience about your category of making a video. So they will leave your channel which can give a negative effect on your ranking.

Select A Proper Keyword

It is very helpful in ranking a web page or rank videos on YouTube, it so because these are the words which are entered by the audience to search a video or information.

You can use a long-tail keyword to attract your audience until you have not to gain more numbers of a subscriber. Once you have more number of subscriber you can put the title for your videos by your own.

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By using the long-tail keywords you can defiantly rank videos on YouTube


After researching the suitable keywords use them in your title, description, tags, etc.

It is the most important part of your channel. Using this you can tag your video to some popular videos. Using this you can reach to a large audience with the help of tagged videos.


  • Always put one tag of yours. This will help the audience to see other videos from your channel.
  • Enter your tag in the description box.
  • Enter your tag in the title if much space is left.

Above are some ways that you can use to rank videos on YouTubeusing Tags.

Finding the TAG or keyword:-

  1. To find the keyword the best place or site is KEYWORD IO. 
  2. Enter the keyword on which you want to target your audience 
  3. See the monthly searches.
  4. Copy the keyword from there and paste them in your tag column with comma(,) sign between them.

Placement of the keyword:-

  • Place the keyword in the title of the video.
  • Place the keyword in that description of the video.


It is the best way to attract the user by the help of the thumbnail. It is just like an outline map of the video that you had made. 


  • Make an attractive thumbnail that can the audience’s eyes and makes them curious to click on the video.
  • Make a high-resolution thumbnail. According to the updates in the youtube SEO “The video having high-resolution thumbnail are ranked very fast due to the clarity of the image”.


Do not make any FAKE thumbnail.

Let us understand it with an example.

You had made the video about technological things but your thumbnail says that “WHO TO BECOME AN RICHER PERSON IN THE WORLD” it just like an insane. So make the thumbnail as the content in the video.


Now a day the hashtags are very popular on youtube and it’s also a best to rank videos on YouTube with the trending hashtags.

Many YouTube creator uses their hashtag to rank videos on YouTube, it also helps on reaching the greater audience. Using hashtag you will not only rank on YouTube but outside YouTube, you can rank and get traffic.


Use the hashtag in your title of the video. Use the hashtag in the description of the video.


Besides everything the videos are the main part of your channel, without best video, you will neither subscriber nor viewers. This is the main problem for some of the creators that is why their work s going waste.

Always remember the videos you are making is not only been seen by you, but it will also go to a wide range of audience. So always try to make your videos in high quality, without noise, clear audios, etc.

Note:- Make the video in HD format or the format in which the user can clearly watch the video and understand the content

Frequently asked Questions

How To Stop Background Noise From Videos

Dear, to remove background noise from the YouTube videos, you have to purchase some software for editing.

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The software I am suggesting to you is personally used by me. In this software, you can get every feature that is necessary to edit videos.

How Much Time It Can Take To Rank Videos On YouTube

There is no official statement about this but, according to expert and my experience, it always takes 6 months to rank videos properly in YouTube.

But it can also take a long time depending on your content quality.

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The conclusion of my whole article is “To get a better rank in YouTube keep your content quality best. Because using keywords, tag, the hashtag is the secondary thing. “

Updated:- 29 July 2020

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