Propeller Ads: Best Google AdSense Alternative 

Propeller Ads Review 2020

Propeller Ads Review 2020
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Hello guys! How are you? I am back again with a new blog “Propeller Ads Review 2020″.

Yes, you are thinking right, today I am going to give you a review of propeller ads.

As we know that Google AdSense is the best ad network to monetize a website or a blog. But due to strict policies of absence music can’t get approved so they search for an AdSense alternative.

Since there are many alternatives but choosing the best one is very difficult. So I am here with one of such alternatives to Google AdSense.

Propeller ad is personally experienced by me and I had used it.

Following are the topics that are covered in the blog.

  •  What are the propeller ads?
  • Types of ads format used by propeller ads.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of propeller ads.
  •  Personal Review

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What Are Propeller Ads?

It is a content monetization platform. Basically, propeller ads are CPM and CPA based monetization platforms founded in 2011.

It is the best alternative for Google AdSense for a new blogger for a web manager. Because it doesn’t need a limit of traffic to approve your website like other websites such as 

Propeller ads give you two ways to earn revenue through your site.

  • CPM:-

It stands for cost per Mile. The CPM of propeller ads is high and provides you with the best profit on minimum traffic.

In CPM criteria you will get paid when 1000 impressions are completed. Since it’s not a fact because if you have high traffic you can get paid before the completion of 1000 impressions.

  • CPA:-

Stands for cost per action. In this criteria, you will generate revenue when users purchase a product, subscribe to a service, etc, from advertisements shown by propeller ads.

Remember that CPA criteria for different countries are different. 

Types of ads format shown by propeller ads

There are four major types of side formats shown by Propeller ads.

But the following are some best one that I have discussed below.

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In-Page Push

It is the most profitable ad format given by this ad network. In page push, ad format a notification type ads are shown at the top of your website. When a user visits your website and the ad is shown the impression is now counted.

Bonus points 🎯 … 

But if visitors click on the advertisement you will get more revenue than revenue in Impressions.

Before adding this format to your website, you should remember that your website rank is above 5 million in Alexa. 

Push Notifications

I think that you are familiar with push notifications.

 If you don’t let me tell you.

It is a service in which a website sends you a message if any update or post is done.

 Now you are clear.

If you want to use push notification service other than propeller ads, you have to pay to the service provider. But in this ad network, you don’t need any third-party service just paste the code of push notification in your root file and everything is on autopilot.

You get revenue for every new subscription for notification.

Bonus…… 🤑🤑🤗🤗🤪🤪

 Revenue increases when the subscriber clicks the notification.

On Click Pop

A window overlay format is on click popup similar to a popup ad. It activates when a user clicks anywhere on the window of your website. It always displays high CPM ads.

This ad format also works when the user has ad blocker activated.

Advantage and disadvantages of propeller ads:-

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Before using any service you should always check the advantage and disadvantage of service to ensure a better response

In this topic, I will discuss the disadvantage and advantage of propeller ads.


  1. Approval:-

The site approval for this ad network is very simple and easy, as it doesn’t have any criteria to be fulfilled to get approved.

The best thing about this ad network is that You don’t need any particular country if it is given in other ad networks like

The main criteria to join this ad network is the availability of websites on the internet.

  1. High CPM

As already discussed in the above topic about the high rate of CPM.

CPM stands for cost per mile, in this criteria you will get the revenue once 1 million impressions are generated through your advertisement.

The CPM rate generally starts from 1.50 and it can also be increased as the engagement of users increases with the advertisement shown on your website.

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  1. Flexible Payment

The payment method is the most important part of any monetization network. It is so because many networks have those payment methods which are banned in particular countries.

Following are the payment methods of this ad network.


Skrill EUR


Once the payment threshold is reached by you the revenue will automatically transfer.


Alexa Rank

It is the demerits for this ad network. If you want to use in-Page push ad format. You have to make your site above 5 million ranks in Alexa.

Don’t be sad 😉😉…

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Because there is another ad format that you can use without any restriction.

High threshold on wire transfer

According to many website owners is the wire transfer or bank transfer is the easiest way to withdraw money. If your site has minimum traffic and revenue generated is about 50 to 60 Dollars per month then you should face problem in wire transfer because the threshold for wire transfer is $500.

You can also use another method to withdraw on a minimum threshold.

  • PayPal – 5$
  • Skrill EUR – 5$

Not suitable for educational site

Are you thinking that why I am telling you so?

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I am saying it because sometime this advertisement network shows the age-restricted advertisement which can be irrelevant to the teenagers and a student. 

So I request you to not use this advertisement network for an educational site.


But if you don’t have any other option Rather than this advertisement network, then you can contact. To support team and block that particular advertisement from your site.

Warning 🚨🚨🚨⚠⚠🚧

I am giving you a warning that it can affect your revenue.

Now I am satisfied that you had understood this topic well.

But if you don’t please comment 💬💬 below this article.


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Personal Review

Now it’s time to give you a personal opinion on this topic.

I have two domain name one is technospot second one is arvitech on which you are reading this article. On my first 🥇 domain, I had used this advertisement network until I didn’t get approved via Google AdSense.

During the use of propeller and I felt that this ad network is the best alternative for Google AdSense. It is so because the CPM which is generated from my side is always greater than 2.31 on minimum traffic due to which I had created a revenue of $360 per month.

An overall experience by this advertisement network was best and another thing that was impressed me is the contact support which is very best when I have emailed him they will always reply to me.

 I will prefer you to use this ad network once until you didn’t get approved via Google AdSense I am 100% sure that you will love it after using.



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