How to Increase Website Traffic In India | Best Way

How to Increase Website Traffic Through Google

How to Increase Website Traffic In India | Best Way


Hello guys,  Today’s topic “How to Increase Website Traffic”  is very interesting for every blogger or a website owner.  I know everybody needs traffic either he or she is a blogger or a website owner. The need for traffic is for two things: one is revenue and the other is the ranking of websites.

Many people are claiming various traffic boosters to get instant visitors, but they forget that using boosters tools will damage their site authorities as well as the chance of getting AdSense approval(The best source of revenue).

 Here I will discuss those methods to bring traffic to your site without any ban or using traffic booster.

As usual, I will tell you just one thing.  If you want to understand well then stay with it for the whole article. 

How to earn $5000 per month through Google AdSense? 

Method To Increase Website Traffic

Traffic on any website comes in two ways.

  • Paid Traffic
  • Free Traffic

Today I will discuss these two methods in detail.

Let’s start without any wastage of time.

Paid traffic To A Website

Paid traffic is best for those people who want to bring their website in the top ten within a month.

It is very expensive but it also has many benefits which I will give you later.

What is paid traffic? 

This is a type of traffic which you purchase from a company or an organization to send visitors on your website. This traffic is real and has organic searches. They basically use advertisement, blog, video, to promote your site.

Paid traffic is a little bit expensive but useful in every way to increase your website revenue and ranking.

You can use this type of traffic if you have a large organisation.

Now it’s time to see where we can get paid traffic.

Increase Website Traffic From Advertisement

Advertisement is the best way to increase website traffic which enables us to reach about millions of people at a time. It is the most trending way to get huge organic traffic.

Many companies do advertisement, but here I will introduce the world’s best companies which you can join without any hesitation.

Google Advertisement

The most trending advertisement companies in the world are Google Advertising Companies and is organised by the world’s most trusted company named “Google”.

It shows their advertisement according to the keywords you provided and shows the ads in the search results.

It basically shows the ad when a user searches for a query and your provided keyword is in it. They also show the ads within monetized websites.

Below is the image of some ads.

Forms of Advertisement

It supports three types of advertisement.

  • Text 
  • Image 
  • Video

YouTube Advertisement

We all know that YouTube is a platform on which video content is uploaded by users.  The advertisement shown on YouTube is totally different from any advertisement on a website. Although these ads are controlled and managed by Google advertisement. But here the advertisement is in the form of ads of a definite length and duration.

According to me, advertising on YouTube is the best way to attract a new user with your creative ads video.

Facebook Advertisement

Facebook is the most used social media since 2020. It is a social media website on which not one or two, but millions of people are connected and this can bring huge traffic to your site. If you advertise, then you should derive traffic.

 If you want to do an advertisement on a small business website then you should choose Facebook advertisement because it gives the best result at a cheap price.

How to research keyword using social media? 

Tik Tok Advertisement

The platform is still brand new and the advertising that it does is like a YouTube advertisement, but the ads are managed by Tik Tok itself. If you want to target Indian audiences by your advertisement then you produce Tik Tok advertisement because the user of the platform is more as compared throughout the world.

I recommend you to use Tik Tok advertisement if you want to target the Indian audience.

Buying Traffic From Trusted Website

This is the second paid method.  To bring traffic to any site but not more successful than an advertisement. If you want to get millions of traffic to your website within 3-4 days then it’s best for you.

The fastest means is to bring traffic to a website.


 Before using this type of platform remember one thing that you should use only those platforms which have more trust because many people can cheat you and take your money.

Forgive me that I have never used such a platform, so I do not know anyone.

Above are the best and trusted methods used by most of the large companies.

Increase Website Traffic For Free

Increasing website traffic for free is the most favourite method of all Because no one wants to waste money just on a website.

But if you have a large business and your business is not growing then you should choose. Paid traffic method as discussed above. 

Let’s discuss free methods to increase website traffic.

These free methods are divided into two types.

  1. Technical Methods
  2. Non-Technical Methods

Technical Methods To Derive Free Traffic

This method is very important for all websites because if messed up your site will never rank in Google top 10 pages.

Although I have done many articles on this topic, I will tell you a little bit about it, so that your information is refreshed.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

 It is optimising your website in such a way that it can rank in Google without any difficulties.

This topic is too important for any website.  If you missed it, leave your dream to be in the top 10 of Google searches.

If you have done search engine optimization well then without paying you can have huge free organic traffic.

There are two ways to use Search Engine Optimisation very effectively.

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO

Since I am not here to discuss Search Engine Optimisation so following are the shortlist that you should always remember.

  • While writing content you should divide those into various headings and subheadings.
  • Do not forget to do internal linking.
  • Keep your mean keyword in the title of your content. 
  • Put your main keyword in the description of your article.
  • While putting an image in the content you should not forget to write the title of image and Alt text.
  • Always write your content in 1000 to 2000 words. Because if you write content less than 500 words Google recognises it as thin content and never ranks it.
  • Build do-follow backlinks from a higher authority website. 
  • Set up your meta tag in the website root file.
  • Organize your schema in the root file.
  • Set up your robot.txt file.

Long-Tail Keyword

If your website is recently built and you do not have much traffic, then you can use the long-tail keyword. It is so because the search volume of long-tail keywords is more than short-tail.


If your keyword is ” Google AdSense Approval” Then you should choose keywords like ” how to get Google AdSense approval in 1 minute, how to get AdSense approval fast”.

Non-Technical Methods

There are a lot of non-technical methods that you can use to bring free traffic.

Let’s start.

Social Media

It is the best way to derive traffic without any payment. Social media is used all over the world. You can imagine how much stronger social media is.

Following are the list of some social media through which you can derive traffic for free.


 Facebook is the most used social media since 2020 That’s why I had kept it to help first for a generation of free traffic. Here you will go to millions of such groups which are made on the topic of your website and there you can bring good traffic by putting your blog.


The next most used social media since 2020 at the second number.

In WhatsApp, people send their message to one another. Like Facebook, you can also bring traffic to your website by creating many groups on WhatsApp.  Even from other countries.


The next most popular social media since 2020. Actually,  Twitter social media is the type of social media in which every celebrity and famous politician posts their thoughts. I used this platform myself and see that it will make millions.  Traffic comes at once.  If you work well at it.

Online Directories

If you are a blogger and your website is not ranking.  If there is no traffic then you can use it.  Although some are money some are free.

Guest Post

Bringing traffic to the website in this way is a little different but very good.  What you have to do in this is that you go to another website and write some article.

You are going to get two benefits from this.

First one is you will get a backlink from their website.

The second one is the traffic from their website to your site.

Give A Way

You must have seen many times that as many big sites are there, they offer something to entice their customers so that the customers remain, so do the same. If you have an E-commerce website then it is very good for you to offer them and entice.

But if you’re a blogger then you can entice your user by providing them with some gifts, prizes, etc.

Email Marketing

This method is used by many big companies and many bloggers use them all.

  You can also. Just, you have to take the email of the user and after that whatever you post, send it to his email.

Because according to an estimate, everyone checks their email four times a day.

This can become the best source of free site traffic for bloggers or content writers. 

How to write SEO friendly blog post? 


It is a recent trending method to bring huge website traffic. Since it is new so many people don’t know,  you can use a hashtag in your content To target your audience according to your niche.

What not to do while increasing your website traffic?

I have seen this many websites which bring traffic to their site in the wrong way and the result of which they have to suffer.

I will tell you some methods that you do not try to increase the traffic to your website.

Traffic Booster

It is the most used application to increase site traffic.

People who use it. They understand that their website is not ranking but actually, their website is going to be blocked by Google.

Because Google prohibits users to use this type of application.

If you have Google Adsense approval on your website and you are using this application then your account can be banned and it will be permanently deleted.

False Information

You should never put wrong information on your website to increase the traffic of your website, due to which the user will come, but will not last much longer, which will increase your bounce rate.

Thank You

For any information required, you are free to contact or comment on us.

Frequently asked questions

How to recover if a site is blocked by Google? 

If Google has blocked your site, then you can open it in the following ways.

Remove some content from your very fake site and Re-submit your site for indexing.

If your website has been blocked and is not coming out by the above methods, then you think of creating your new site.

Can we use traffic booster to increase our AdSense revenue?

I already told you that if you make a mistake in this way, your account will be closed forever.

Time is taken to get out of Google Block

There is no fixed time, in some cases, it can take 15 days Or 1 year.

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