How To Earn Money From YouTube Without AdSense

Get Revenue On YouTube Video Without Google AdSense

How To Earn Money From YouTube Without Google AdSense


Today’s my topic is “How To Earn Money From YouTube Without Google AdSense”. The topic is dedicated to those people who work hard ๐Ÿ˜ข and give their full effort to make YouTube videos but due to some policy violation, they didn’t get approved via AdSense.

That’s why I brought a special kind of subject to all of you.

Let’s start today’s title without spending our time.

The following is the title that I will talk to all of you about today.

  • Can we really earn without AdSense
  • Method to Earn Money Without Google AdSense on YouTube

You got it right, I took only two topics about which I  give you the detailed information.

Can we really earn money without Google AdSense on YouTube

I have seen many people who work hard and give their 100% effort to make YouTube videos, but unfortunately due to some policy violation, they didn’t get approval from AdSense. They get frustrated about their videos. I want to tell them a thing, if you won’t get approved via AdSense then you should not be sad because there are other methods through which you can earn money from Youtube.

Making money on YouTube without AdSense is a little strange but it will be possible if you work hard for your videos.

 If I share my experience then, I want to tell you I have made 3 channels which didn’t approve via AdSense but they have an earnings method by affiliate marketing and other processes.

I had listed those techniques here. 

The answer to “Can we really earn money without Google AdSense on YouTube”. Is it yes ๐Ÿ‘?.

Let’s start introducing those methods and techniques through which you can earn money without getting AdSense approval on YouTubeYouTube. 

Method to Earn Money Without Google AdSense on YouTube

Affiliates Marketing

It is a type of marketing in which big companies sell their goods through someone else and those who sell the goods get the commission.

This is the most common method that I have seen to date on YouTube.According to my research, it is the best method from which you can earn money from YouTube.

Let’s see how we will work on this, how it works.

Choose an Affiliates Network

Affiliates Network

Basically, affiliates networks are the website or the community through publishers/advertisers getting attached to sell/advertise their products.

At this place, you can sell goods of many companies and can also check how much money comes from them.

When you connect with all these networks, you will get many company products which you will sell elsewhere, then you will get a commission on the decided rate.

Above is the little bit about Affiliates Network

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How to use

Select A Product You Want To Sell:- 

I have told you after joining the affiliate network you will get thousands of affiliate programs. But you should not choose the thousands of programs. You should only choose those affiliate programs which are related to your niche.

Now How To Sell 

You pick an item and tell about it all its goodness, which will attract the users and buy the goods that you specify.


In selling your goods, just keep in mind that whatever you send should be the best that the user will always come to you.

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Products Promotion

After affiliate marketing, it is the second thing that you will always see on any big YouTubers.You will always see that someone promotes the product on YouTube that they get money.

You can use it easily 

How to use

Select a particular product. Visit their developer and tell them that you want to promote their products.

 If they reply yes, then it ๐Ÿ˜ is good news. Give them a definite amount on which you want to promote their products.

Now get started

If they reply no, then move to the next product. You will certainly get a product for promotion.

How to do promotion

After getting any products for promotion.

Following are the methods you have to remember for promotion.

  • You spoke to your users in such a way that they were excited to buy the goods. 
  • Always talk about the goodness of the product. 
  • Be polite to the viewers. 
  • Always promote those products which are very useful to the user to attract them.

Phone Review

The third best thing to earn money from YouTube without AdSense is reviewing a new phone.

It has two benefits. First one is affiliate marketing second one is the income provided by phone reviewing teams.

How to work

It is also very simple. Join a mobile shop or a company And tell him that you want to review the new phones introduced by them. If they tell you to review their phones, then it’s a good one for you. When they will launch a new phone then the phone will be sent to you for review and they will give an amount of money for your work.

How to review mobile phone

Whenever you review a mobile, always pay attention to what the user is going to the shop by asking, to pick up the mobile and whether there is a trending feature from which the mobile is being purchased. This will benefit you because the user will see the same thing that he needs and this will increase your view and plus your updated marketing will also increase.

Following are the criteria for reviewing the phone

  • Amount of space ( Number of RAM and ROM) 
  • Quality of camera
  • Number of cameras
  • Processor

 Reading my article in 2020 then you should know about it, sending features through which mobiles are selected is a pubg mobile game.

App Promotion

App promotion is just similar to product promotion. But the difference is that in product promotion you have to promote the product but in an app promotion you have to promote an app.

Every procedure is the same 

Selling Merchandise

It is a new option which was recently launched by  YouTube in which you can sell your product on any YouTube channel.

These are some methods “To Earn Money From YouTube Without Google AdSense”.

Thank you๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’•

This blog will be updated if I get any other information about it.

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