How To Become A  Fashion Blogger In India

How To Become A Fashion Blogger In India

Start A Fashion Blog From Scratch

How To Become A  Fashion Blogger In India


Hello, guys after a long time. I am back again with a new article named “How to start a fashion blog from scratch”.Just as the age of the earth is becoming modern, similarly the sense of living is also increasing among the people here, which we used to name fashion. If you compare the 20th century to the 19th century, then you will know how much change has happened in fashion here. As we continue to go in the modern era, our way of living will change in fashion.

I want to share my experience with you and say that fashion blogs are highly profitable Because I have already told you that fashion is never going to end in this new era.

Today in this article I 😆 will tell you everything which is very important to start a fashion blog.  I will tell all the things from beginning to end. 

But I request you that you read my entire article well without skipping. I will also make a video on it after a few days. 

 Following are the topics that we will cover in this article.

  1. Basic Requirements 
    •  Domain Name 
    • Hosting
    • Website Builder
    • Theme 
    • Affiliate Program 
  2. How To Write ✏ a Fashion Blog? 
    • Keyword Research
    • Public Interest Look Up

  1. Source Of Revenue From Fashion Blog
  2. Conclusion
  3. FAQ

Basic Requirements

Domain Name

 The domain name for starting any website is its basic requirement. Because the domain name is your website name, as well as Internet users, come to your website through the same. 

You can use any domain name according to you as it is profitable for you.

I suggest you give the name of your domain that matches your fashion blog or eye-catching brand.


A fashion blog website with domain is more attractive than that of

I thought you had understood it very nicely. 

While choosing a domain name there is a question 

Where To Get Domain At A Cheap Price? “

Following are the list of some best domain name providers. 

  1. GoDaddy
  2. HostGator
  3. Bluehost
  4. Hostinger

You are from India so I will prefer you to use the Godaddy domain. 


After domain name the hosting is the second basic requirement to start a website. Hosting is a place on which your website will live on the internet. It also provides you space for storage of website images, videos, data , etc. 

 Hosting is of two types. 

  • Free Hosting

They are very helpful for beginners to learn about blogging without wasting their money.

 The following are the cons of free hosting “why you should not choose free hosting”.

CMS(Content Management System):-

The main important thing for a website building is the content management system or a place on which you will be managing or creating your content.

In free hosting the hosting provider will provide your content management system for free by giving some specific limit.

The space provided by the hosting service is low; it will be about 15 GB to 20 GB. 

There should be a limit of the plugins that will help during the content writing. 

They will provide you with a custom domain. And state the amount of money for transferring your domain to that custom domain. 

If you want to use free hosting I suggest you use which is free hosting services and is considered as the best for the beginners.

It will provide you with a space of 15 GB per account.

  • Paid Hosting

The hosting which is purchased by giving some amount of money is known as paid hosting.

This type of hosting is very essential and beneficial for bloggers which are very popular.


In paid hosting, You will get a more content management system with full access.

If you want to work with WordPress, which is the most popular content management system to date you have to purchase a paid hosting.

In paid hosting, you will get different types of planning which help in the ranking of a website and better SEO.


The disadvantage of paid hosting is You have to pay. Early amount of money for activating it.

Following are the hosting services that you can use.

  • Bluehost
  • Hostinger
  • Godady
  • HostGator

Website Builder

Website builder is the place where you design your website, write posts and everything else. You should never bother about website builders because when you purchase hosting services they will provide you with a different type of website builder.

I prefer you to use wordpress which is the best website builder themes 2020.


The last basic requirement for building a website is the theme whenever you will install a website builder in hosting service. You will get a lot of themes, some of them are free and some of them are premium. You should choose one of them and start to write your blog.

How To Write A Fashion Blog

After completing the basic requirement to start a fashion blog now the time came for the important question that is “how to write a fashion blog”.

Let’s start discussing it.

Keyword Research

 Keyword research is the most important part for any website to rank better in any search engine. 

I have discussed many methods through which you can research keywords related to your content.

Following everything that you should always remember while doing us keyword research.

  • Always right to choose low competition keywords Cause they are easy to rank.
  • If you are a winner in a fashion blog, aur any blog, then you should always choose a long tail keyword. 
  • Always follow the trend of Keywords that you are using in your blog. 

For researching keywords, there are many tools that you can use. But if you don’t have such revenue to effort than those then you should also choose free tools to research the keyword.

How to search keywords using social media? 

Public Interest Look Up

Public look up is necessary because fashion is such a thing which keeps changing year after year or time after time. 

If you are doing fashion blogging, then you always have to see the interest of the public because the public always adopts new things and forgets old fashions. 

If I explain this same statement by example, then?

Imagine that you have a very old-fashioned shoe which does not have any design, then you will feel ashamed if you go out wearing the same shoe after three to four years.  So you will go out in search of new shoes.  This is what I want to tell you.  Through this, people forget the old things.  So you always have to be updated.  If you want to work well in the world of fashion blogging. 

Benefits Of Public Interest Look Up

The public lookup will be very useful in the journey of your website and your blogging because you will always keep it updated and there will be a feeling in the people that you write a good and new thing which will also bring a lot of traffic to your website.

Source Of Revenue For Fashion Blogger 

It is very easy for any fashion blogger to find the source of revenue because of those people themselves a source of revenue away.

But I am going to tell you some ways by which you can generate good revenue while doing a fashion blogging.


Nowadays, monetization is the best and common way to generate revenue from blogging or a website. In monetization, you have to only add ads of advertisers using an ad network. Your revenue will be generated through the ad which you are going on your website.

This is the easiest and simplest way.  To generate revenue from any blog or website. You guys will be very well aware of this, so I will not need to tell more on this.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate networks are the network through which you join an affiliate marketing of a company for an online store. They also hold all the payment and provide you the payment according to their date. 

Click here to read how to earn money through blogging in India and abroad.

Product Promotion

Product promotion is the same as affiliate marketing. But in product promotion even not doing any affiliate marketing but you are promoting a product and generating the revenue from the promoter.

There are many brand new companies which you have joined to promote their product and generate revenue for them.


Summary of my entire article is that. Since I am in the blogging world, I love their fashion blogging very much because you get to learn new things in it. 

If you want to be a good fashion blogger then you have to follow all the things that a very big fashion blogger follows.

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