How can I earn $5000 per month online from Google AdSense?

Maximize Earning From Google AdSense

How can I earn $5000 per month online from Google AdSense?


Today I have a fantastic topic  “How can I earn $5000 per month online from Google AdSense?” Especially for you and by your request. 

Many people want to earn money. Some of them earn money through government jobs and some by online method, but the earning of Google AdSense is different than both of them.

Today’s my article for those people who want to earn money through AdSense.

We and all of you know that AdSense earnings are always moving up and down. So there is no fixed amount of earnings per month, but we can earn 5000 $ in one month.

Without wasting any little bit of time. Let’s start today’s fantastic topic.

What is Google AdSense

I don’t think anyone does not know about Google Adsense.

But people who are coming to my site for the first time. I would like to tell them a little bit about this.

It is the well-known Ads platform developed by GOOGLE. They monetize the web content in the best way by which the revenue from the site will be increased. It contains various Ads Unit like Banner Ads, Display Ads, etc. The new update in the Google Adsense makes the Ads displaying criteria more easy and relevant. It has introduced the Auto Ads system in which the user one submitted the site for approval and it has been approved, then User sits back and the Ads will automatically add on the site.

Ads Format Shown by Google AdSense

Auto Ads 

According to me, this is the best ad format I’ve ever seen on any content monetization platform.

What do you have to do just once you activate the ad that will automatically get established in your content?

It consists of all the three ads which you are setting up in the old days.

It’s better ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‰.

In Feed Ads

These ads are shown according to your content and RSS feed. Before the introduction of auto ads, these ads are recommended by AdSense to implement. They automatically set their size according to your layout, hence they are responsive.

Above are Some Best Ads Format Given By AdSense.

 Now Letโ€™s move to our main topic for which you all are here.

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How to Maximize the Earning Of Google AdSense

You will think that’s why Iโ€™m talking about โ€œ How to maximize our AdSense Earningโ€  but itโ€™s not our main topic.

Letโ€™s make you understand.

Dear, Iโ€™m talking about this topic because you have to earn 5000$ per month, so without maximizing you’re earning you canโ€™t achieve it.

I think that you had better understand it. 

Following sub-topic to discuss further

  • Best Placement Of AdSense Ads
  • Increase website traffic
  • Conclusion

Best Placement of AdSense Ads

It is necessary to place the ad at the best place because of which the user gets attracted to ads. Apply ads where the user is always and always visible.

Always choose the ads which are comfortable to your layout’s size and shape.

Following are the best practices to apply ads

  • In the sidebar of your content. 
  • Within the content
  • Ads should be matching to your content. 
  • Fixed layout
  • Auto changeable. 

Note ๐Ÿ““:-

While putting the ads on your website, make sure that the user does not have problems and that he comes to your site comfortably and gets what he needs.

Never let your website be filled with advertisement instead of content.  Doing this will affect your website’s user interface and experiences. 

Increase Website Traffic

Whenever you put an Adsense ad, what is your most important need is traffic. If the number of people on the website is more than millions, then you will have no problem with earning $ 5000.

If it is less then you might have problems. 

Therefore, you should increase the traffic of your website first, after that everything will happen automatically.

 I tell you 1 the best way to bring traffic to the site.

Social Media 

We know you and all people know that social media is a very big platform.  Use it to bring traffic to any website. Whenever you write a post on your website, immediately update it and post it on the social media account. So that users will come and the impression of your ad will increase which results in an increase in your revenue.

Facebook Group

I think there will be someone who has no Facebook group.  If you have a Facebook group.  Whenever you post, always share your post in it, which will bring a lot of users.

I have my own secret and I like myself.


There is a question-answer platform which is best for bloggers who bring traffic to their website.

I have personally experienced from myself that this brings in traffic in lakhs because there are so many people and always they are posting their question.

You can make content via triggering it.

The only advantage here is that you will get the keyword without any tool. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


In the end, I would just like to suggest you focus on your traffic. Because I have seen many people that they are stuck in the circle of increasing their money, so that sometimes they do not even get the approval of AdSense and they make some mistake, so that whatever is dominant, that too is cancelled.

I always tell you  By focusing on their own content, if the content is good for you, then users will come and it will increase impressions of your ads which results in an increase in revenue. 

Thank you all for coming to my article. 

I will always bring such great content for all of you.  So you can always get notifications by subscribing to our notification bell. 

If you are having trouble with any glass leader right now, then comment with us without any hiccups.

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