Hostinger Review: Best Cheap Shared Hosting Service

Best Cheap Shared Hosting Service 

Hostinger Review: Best Cheap Shared Hosting Service


Today’s my topic is “Best Cheap Shared Hosting”.  

There are many people who search for cheap shared hosting. So this article is specially dedicated to them. The server that I am going to discuss today has excellent uptime, site speed is best. 

Following are the topics that I will discuss today. 

  1. Why do we need hosting services? ( Short Description) 
  2. What is Shared Hosting? 
  3. Why should we use shared hosting? 
  4. What is hostinger? 
  5. Features of Hostinger
  6. Conclusion
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

 Let’s start today’s topic without wasting any time. 

Why Do We Need A Hosting Service? 

Hosting is the place where we keep the content of our website like image and video, an audio file. 

Besides all this, hosting is also helpful in building a website, speeding up our site. 

What is Shared Hosting? 

It is the type of web hosting service, on which many websites are connected to the internet through one web server. 

This type of hosting services is the cheapest way of hosting a website because the maintenance fees are distributed among all the customers. The shared hosting provides you a greater speed, free website builder which is discussed later in the article. 

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Why should we choose shared hosting? 

 Following are the reasons why we should choose shared hosting. 

Cheap Rate

As I have told earlier that any website which is on the internet through a single server shows the maintenance cost it is divided among all the users. 

That’s why shared hosting is very cheap.

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Fast Load 

Fast loading time is very important in the process of ranking for any website.

Since every website is on a single server then there is no problem of changing the server which causes fast loading of a site.

Website Builder

In shared hosting, y’all get a free website builder along with a custom domain name. This feature is not present in dedicated hosting services.

What is hostinger? 

Hostinger is a web hosting company which provides you with shared hosting at a cheap rate. It provides you fast, reliable and easy handled streamlined web hosting services. 

 It was started in 2009 as where you can get access to many content management systems using a custom domain.

Now, 000webhost is changed in hostinger which provides a shared hosting plan for everyone. 

Features of Hostinger

Let’s start with all the titles for which you have come here.

Best Uptime

Uptime is the amount of time in which the server is running up continuously and it is usually listed as a per cent like 99.9% uptime. 

Uptime is a great measurement to choose a good web hosting service.

The uptime of this hosting service is very good, nearly 99.9%.

I recommend you if you are choosing a web hosting please check the uptime of those hosting which you are going to purchase.

Fast Load Time

Website loading time is the major problem faced by every user on the internet. Loading time is the major factor of SEO ( search engine optimization). If your website load time is very fast you will easily rank on Google searches along with all these fast loading time will increase the performance, CTR, etc at your site. 

This server is providing you with fast loading services of 350ms.

Free Website Builder

These features which are found in your hosting, will not be found in any dedicated hosting server, because they would be full of money. Hostinger gives you a free website builder where you can create your website comfortably, whichever way you wish.

You get this feature completely free without any money so don’t fear of losing a website builder. 

Free Domain 

If you are a newbie and you don’t know how to build a website right now, then you can use its free custom domain to learn.

 You will not have to pay any money in the custom domain.  You can learn more in making some websites by using it as long as you want.

Easy User Interface

You will be happy when you see the dashboard of this hosting service.  Whose dashboard is so good these people have liquidated that you will not have much problem finding anything.

You will find all the things that you keep searching and searching again and again.

Multilingual Customer Support

This feature makes this web hosting services different from any other web hosting services.If you have to talk to a support officer, you do not necessarily have to speak in their own language, you can speak any language because they understand every language. This feature is most loved by everyone.

Premium Plans Have Unlimited Feature

If you take a  premium plan, then you will get all the right things that you will not find in a dedicated hosting. 

In premium plans, you get unlimited features that you can’t get in another shared hosting.

30- Day Money – Back Guarantee

If you do not like some of the features of this shared hosting or have some problems, then you can withdraw the money within 30 days.  Without any other payment.

Cons Of Shared Hosting

Along with the goodness of this hosting service, it has some drawbacks which I am telling you below.

Pay For Every New Domain

Whenever you have purchased a domain once, then you will have to pay again and again to purchase another domain.  This is its biggest drawback.

Non-Traditional C-Panel

Its control panel is not in the traditional form, due to how many old users, who will have the control panel in their traditional form, may have problems understanding it. 

High Cost For Premium Plans

Its premium plan is a bit more expensive because even this dedicated hosting is not expensive.


The significance of my article is that I have used it myself.  I have seen so many loved features which you like. If you are a newbie and want to start a website then you can afford it due to the cheap rate and best performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we get AdSense approval on Hostinger

Yes, you can take Google Adsense Approval because Google AdSense shows your content and not your hosting. 

Can we use hostinger for free

Yes, you can use it for free with a custom domain.

What is the billing plan for this hosting? 

There are two types of billing plans in this hosting service.

First one is monthly, in which you have to pay monthly. Next one is yearly in which you have to pay once in a year.

I will recommend you to use a yearly plan because there will be no tension in your hosting loss. 

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