Google AdSense Policy Detailed Explanation

Policies Followed by New Site To Get Approval Fast

Google AdSense Policy Detailed Explanation

I have often seen that despite the content on the site, they do not get AdSense approval. Before this article, I gave an article about how to find approval on the new site.


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Here I’m Gonna discuss those policies in Brief

I humbly request πŸ™πŸ˜Š to be with us throughout the article. 

What Does Policy Means? 

A policy is a set of principles that guide decisions to achieve the legal outcome.  A policy is a statement that is implemented as a procedure or protocol. Policies are usually adopted by a governance body or an organisation.

I think everyone is now clear about policy.

Why are policies made?

Have you ever thought that a company or organisation has a policy?

Policies are made to help an organisation to tie together your mission, vision, values, and culture into clearly written form.

You Well Understand About Policy

Why Are Policies Of Google AdSense Strict?

Google Adsense is used by 11 million of website, due to which Google Adsense has put its policies strict because their thought is to benefit publishers as well as the advertiser. It is also believed by many that policy is difficult.  Because they want to make a fair relationship between the publisher and the advertiser.

Policy Of AdSense For A New Site

Now it is the time to discuss the policies of the Adsense program for a new site.

In the previous article, I have already discussed some policies based on content and quality.

Here they are in brief.

Content πŸ€— Policies:-

We all know how to write content but sometimes we forget about policies. Those policies prevent us from getting approved by Google AdSense.

Following are the policies for content.

Content Quality:-

Whatever topic you have written the content on.  Always keep that content in high quality.

If you have good quality content, when the user visits that content then they have a good engagement with it.

This also helps in increasing revenue from the content. For this purpose, the Adsense program always prefers high-quality content.


The content you are writing on your website should always be original content. If you have generated content from somewhere else, then Google would automatically delete that content from the search results. You get approved in any way, then that approval will be removed gradually. The copywriting process hurts the original content writer, he/she can claim on you.

So try to write good and self-written content.

Length Of Content:-

Contents written by you should be in the maximum word of 500 to 1000. If you suppose to write the content less than 500 words then Google recognises it as thin content. Thin content in Google worse your SEO and you find it more difficult to rank.

That’s why the approval process for thin content is ignored.

Original Content:-

You do not post any fake content on your site which misleads your user. The content written should always be original content and true.

If you do this work, then AdSense will think that you want to direct your user to the wrong direction. Because of this your AdSense account will never be approved and if it has been approved, it should be closed soon.

So I recommend you to write original content by researching many sites and news. 

Harmful Content:-

Harmful content is that content that harms a community or a particular person.

Following are the list of those content you should not publish on your website.

  • Content promoting Teririsom and Racialism. 
  • Content related to drugs πŸ’Š and medicine.
  • Content promoting aggressiveness among people. 

If you want to post related content then you need the permission of the authority.

Forcing Viewers 

###” I have seen many people say that they are not Adsense ads.  You click on it“####

You do not do this at all. Do not mislead your user or viewers to click on ads shown.

AdSense is always monitoring your site. If you did this, then they will permanently close your account.

Therefore, you should never write anything that forces the user to click on the ads.

These are policies of contents you should follow.

Site Policy

Site policy is not very important, but still, we should focus.  If AdSense approval is to be taken soon.

Age Of Your Site 

The age of your website always matters to rank in any search engine. The older site is, the quicker it will rank. Beside rank, you will also get a lot of organic traffic.

If your site is from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka then you have to wait for 1 to 6 month.

Some users from listed countries get approval in 2 months because they have good content.

Site Speed:-

Since site speed does not matter in approval but it is necessary to increase the speed of the mobile device. Site speed can affect your revenue from AdSense.

Sometimes the application is also rejected due to worse site speed.

Always try to speed up your site.

Availability Of Site:-

Your site should be available on a search engine. Do not ignore the guideline and warning of Google Webmaster.

If your site is not available on any search engine then you will never get approval by AdSense.


Many of the users use a traffic booster to boost their traffic. You should not do any type of foolish πŸ˜’πŸ™„like this. Traffic booster spams your site in Google search engine and you will never get rank and approval from any monetization platform.

Application is approved only on organic traffic.

Ads Policy:-

Now the most important policy starts from here.

Read it carefully & follow the rules. 

Ads Click Policy:-

You should not produce any type of auto click on Ads in order to generate revenue.

The click and impression should be generated from organic searches.

Avoid forcing users to click on Ads.

Ads Placement Policy

Don’t place🚩 your ads in such a way that users face problems in surfing 🌊 your site.

In Lehman language πŸ‘„πŸ’¬ keep ad serving best.

Always try to place the Ads at places which are different from the content. ( Side bar, bottom, end of article).

Above are important policies of Ads. 

Conclusion ( Policies Described in Short) 

The policy of Google AdSense

Since there are a lot of AdSense policies, but the main policies are listed below.

Site Policy

  1. Your site has the content. 
  2. Your site is almost 1 month old. If you are from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China or somewhere in the country of Asia, then you should wait for one to six months before submitting to the site.
  3. You should not use any other advertisement platform during verification. 
  4. You will not get approval on sites like 18+, song downloading, movie 🎬🎦 watching, etc. 
  5. Your site doesn’t have any abusive user experience. I will later discuss how to check. 

Content Policy 

  1. You should not have any copyrighted content like images, songs, etc.
  2. Your content should be original. 
  3. Content written by you should not be abusive to any organisation.
  4. You should not promote any Teririsom fact on your content.
  5. Content-length should be 500-1000 words. 
  6. You should write understandable content.

Ads Click Policy 

  1. Clicking your own ads is strictly prohibited. 
  2. Do not force the user to click ads. 
  3. Do not run a campaign like ( click on ads and get money πŸ‘‰πŸ’΅) 
  4. You should not do emailπŸ“© marketing of your ads. 

Code Pasting 

  1. Code provided during verification should be pasted on live page or page where traffic is active. 
  2. Don’t paste the code on 404 pages.

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