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Match Detail For GHF Vs OSA Dream11 Prediction:- 

Name :- GHF Vs OSA Dream11 Prediction 

Date :- Thursday, June 24, 2021

Time :- 15:30

Venue :- Chang Environment (Buriram).

Pitch Condition :- Good

Preview For GHF Vs OSA Dream11 Prediction :- 

Hey, welcome back to our new prediction for the match GHF Vs OSA which is set to be held on Thursday, June 24, 2021 and 15:30 at Chang Environment (Buriram). The pitch condition also provides the best way to play hence the pitch condition is Good . As I suggest , the match is going to be very interesting because two teams GHF and OSA are in their best form. There will be more competition b/w both teams , so we will provide you with the best team in which you can earn money or get the same amount of money.

Team Squad For GHF Vs OSA Dream11 Prediction 

GHF :- 

Liu Dianzuo,Jiang Guangtai, Gao Zhunyi, Yan Dinghao, Zheng Zhi, Liao Lisheng, Ai Kesen, A Lan, Deng Hanwen, Ricardo Goulart, Yang Liyu, Zhang Linpeng, Wu Shaocong, Mei Fang, Wei Shihao, Huang Bowen, Zhang Xiuwei, Fei Nanduo, Zhong Yihao, He Chao, Yang Dejiang. 

OSA :-

Y. Ōkubo, T. Sakamoto, H. Okuno, M. Kato, M. Nakajima, H. Kiyotake, Y. Maruhashi, R. Nishio, Y. Toyokawa, R. Harakawa, Tiago Pagnussat, T. Takagi, Kim Jin-Hyeon, Riku Matsuda, N. Fujita, A. Seko, J. Nishikawa, N. Arai, A. Taggart, Riki Matsuda, H. Yamada, T. Matsumoto, Y. Koike. 

Probable Lineup For GHF Vs OSA Dream11 Prediction:-

GHF :- 

Liu Dianzuo(Aim-keeper)

Gao Zhunyi: Aim -01 Assists –00

Ai Kesen: Aim -01 Assists –01

A Lan: Aim -01 Assists –00

Yang Liyu: Aim -01 Assists –00

Wu Shaocong: Aim -01 Assists –00

Liu Dianzuo: Aim -00 Assists –00

Jiang Guangtai: Aim -00 Assists –00

Ricardo Goulart: Aim -00 Assists –00

Zheng Zhi: Aim -00 Assists –00

Liao Lisheng: Aim -00 Assists –01

OSA :- 

Y. Ōkubo: Aim -05 Assists –01

T. Sakamoto: Aim -03 Assists –03

H. Okuno: Aim -02 Assists –00

M. Kato: Aim -02 Assists –00

M. Nakajima: Aim -02 Assists –00

H. Kiyotake: Aim -01 Assists –00

Y. Maruhashi: Aim -01 Assists –01

R. Nishio: Aim -01 Assists –00

Y. Toyokawa: Aim -01 Assists –01

GHF Vs OSA Dream11 Prediction Team For Today Match 

GHF Vs OSA Dream11 Prediction | Todays Match Best Prediction
GHF Vs OSA Dream11 Prediction
GHF Vs OSA Dream11 Prediction | Todays Match Best Prediction
GHF Vs OSA Dream11 Prediction

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