How to Get Traffic From Quora In Best Way

Best Ways Get Traffic From Quora

How to Get Traffic From Quora In Best Way

Hello everyone, how are you? I am back again with a new topic “How to Get Traffic From Quora“.

There are many people who wish to get a lot of traffic on their brand’s new website and perform several tips and tricks which are given by blogging experts.

The article(How to Get Traffic From Quora) is going to be very interesting for those people, especially beginners who want to drive a lot of traffic on their website.

The best method of driving website traffic is the organic traffic or traffic which is sent by Google on your website, but the website which is brand new doesn’t have so much authority that Google will rank it on its first page.

So the beginner tries to get traffic through social media and other platforms.

  The Quora is one such platform that I am discussing in this article is trusted by many bloggers.

Following is the list of methods that you can use to get traffic from Quora

Note:- The method given in the list is discussed below in detail.

  1. Join Quora using your Google account or Email Id
  2. Fill up your profile with your details like interest, employments, favourite things, etc. to provide you with daily updates.
  3. Join different types of the group according to your interest.
  4. Submit an article In every group that you have joined for becoming a contributor.
  5. After submissions were accepted. Regularly post an article from a website to that particular group.

The following are the topics that is covered in this article(How To Get Traffic From Quora? ).

  • What is Quora & Features of Quora?
  • How to join Quora?
  • How To Get Traffic From Quora?
  • Personal Review

What Is Quora?


 According to Wikipedia

“Quora was founded in June 2009 by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever, two former Facebook employees. The website was made available to the public on June 21, 2010.”

Actually, it is a platform on which you can share your ideas, thoughts, questions and answers. It is not a social media platform but you can use it to get various ideas for your personal life, business, life, entrepreneurship, etc.

Aim Of Quora…….

According to me the aim of this platform is to provide the best answer for the public questions which we can’t find on Google.

There are many groups and topics that you can follow according to your interest in regular updates and posts of that group.

The best thing about this platform is they reject those answers which are irrelevant to the questions. To ensure a good and relevant answer to the user.

 Now I think you are clear about this platform especially beginners.

Features Of Quora

This platform has many features that you will like most. Here I will discuss some best features that you can use to work well with Quora.

  • You can create a topic according to your interest.
  • If any user asks a question you can easily get the right answer for it. Including the external link to your webpage.
  • There is no restriction of asking and answering a question until any policy violation.
  • You can make your own group and send an invitation to the member for contribution.
  • You can also use Quora Ads Policy to show your own advertisement at a cheaper price.

How To Join Quora?

Joining Quora is not any big trouble that you can face. It only needs an e-mail account or a Gmail account. Since you can also join through your Facebook id.

If you are a newbie, follow the given step.

  • Visit the official website of Quora. Click here to visit
  • If you have already registered then Sing In otherwise click on Create New Account / Sing Up.
  • Sing Up with your email or google account.
  • A dashboard will appear containing your name.
  • Fill up every detail asked according to your interest.
  • After that join, the group follows the topic according to your interest.

Now, you are ready on Quora.

Now, Let Us Move To Our Main Topic(How To Get Traffic From Quora? ).

Best Way To Rank Videos On YouTube 

How to Get Traffic From Quora

Join Groups:-

The first and most important thing is joining the groups according to your website niche.

Always remember that you should join only those groups that are according to your website niches so as to get max numbers of question.

On this platform, you can find thousands of group according to your interest.

How To Get Traffic From Quora

Join Group

The first and most important thing is to join various groups. The group will allow you to get a number of people, questions and topics.

Note:-  Remember if you are joining this platform in order to increase traffic on your blog. Then you should choose only those groups which are related to your niche.


If your website is on digital marketing then there is no need to join a group of fashion, music etc.

After joining a group submit the best article to attract the admin in order to impress him. I mean to say that if your article is good, then the particular group admin will make you as a contributor or a moderator or an admin.

Once you become a contributor to that particular group, then you can freely post any article without restriction.

Are questions that can arise in everybody’s mind about how to write content? To get traffic on your blog.

It is a good question.

There are several which will not allow you to post in external links, but some of them will allow you to post external links.

The main problem that can occur in those groups which do not allow you to post any external. So you can do one thing for that type of group: copy the best article from a website and paste it including some external link at the word in between articles.

Answer The Question

Once you have passed 15 to 20 days on this platform, you will get lots of questions related to your interest that you have chosen in your profile.

What you have to do……..

Just pick up a question from the question bar.

If the question message to any topic of your blog then copy it and paste.


If there is no such type of question then leave it or try to answer by giving some external link to your website.

The way of writing answers to a question is just similar to writing an article on the group which doesn’t allow you to give any external link.

I think you have enjoyed the whole article(How to Get Traffic From Quora In Best Way).

If there is any problem regarding this article then feel free to comment on us.

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