How to Get Out Of Google Sandbox And What is the Google Sandbox Myth

What is the Google Sandbox Myth

How to Get Out Of Google Sandbox And What is the Google Sandbox Myth


Very few among us know about Google sandbox. But according to Google, there is no official report regarding sandbox. Google says that it is a myth among new developers. But according to experts, there is a sandbox present in Google.

I am here trying to clear the myth of Google sandbox Using my opinion about it.

If anyone knows about it please comment. 

Following are the topics that today I will discuss in my contents.

  1. What is a sandbox?
  2. What is Google Sandbox? 
  3. Google On Sandbox
  4. What is Google Sandbox Effect? 
  5. Is Sandbox real
  6. Effect of Sandbox on SEO
  7. Does Google Sandbox still exist? 
  8. Google Sandbox for new sites
  9. How to beat Google Sandbox

What is Sandbox? 

Its name sounds sandbox. A view of a box appearing in our mind is a type of box filled with sand.

In simple terms, a sandbox means a box filled with sand.

😜😜😜If we see by technological point of view that answer is the crazy one 😜😜

In Computer technology terms And according to Google experts, it is a type of place at which new websites are kept for testing.

Old sites and new sites are kept differently for testing.

As there is no information from Google we can’t say clearly. 

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What is Google Sandbox

😆😆😆😆Do not consider Google sandbox as a physical meaning like “Box filled with sand and kept in Google office”.😆😆😆😆

According to experts, Google sandbox is a type of testing experiment done on a new site. To check the quality of content written on it. 

When a new site is been indexed on a search engine they start to do several experiments like sending traffic, checking your code, increasing your rank,

It is done for observing the quality of content on your website.

Then ranking of websites is done on the basis of the results after the test.

Google on Sandbox

According to Google, there is no sandbox type of policy present.

Google says that there is some ranking technique which they never disclose To check a new website for their impression and attachment to users.

This myth is created due to a sudden rise in traffic on a new website and a sudden loss of traffic.

 You might observe. When you have a new website in 5 or 6 days there will be high traffic and Another 2-3 days there is no traffic. So according to experts, it is considered that Google tests your site for a few days and then ranks it in Search engine.

But officially there is no argument on Google sandbox So we can’t explain it clearly, what it really is? 

What is Google Sandbox Effect? 

If Google sandbox really exists consider it as a machine learning and you can’t escape from it without fulfilling the criteria of Sandbox. After passing this criterion any new website ranks on Google better

 The effect of Google sandbox is very bad on any new site if his/her site doesn’t pass the criteria of Google sandbox. Google doesn’t rank your side until the sandbox criteria are fulfilled. Either it takes one month or 4 to 5 year. As discussed above it is considered as a major ranking factor. If the site doesn’t pass it, the future of your site is worse. 

How to overcome the Google sandbox is discussed in the last. 

Is Sandbox Real ®📧🅰🕒? 

There is no official report from Google about sandbox so we can’t consider it as real. 

But from many points of view, it seems to be real. Many times we had observed it on a new site. There is a sudden change of traffic in a few days which some time also consider as Google Dancing 💃.

But the real fact is, they test your site on various platforms to check the content quality.

Effect on Sandbox on SEO

It is considered as a criterion which should be fulfilled by every new site. Until the criteria are fulfilled Google doesn’t show your site in Google search.

Hence it is the most important part of SEO.

Does Google Sandbox still exist?

There is no officially published answer of Google Sandbox from Google. According to many SEO’s experts, there has been a Google Sandbox since 2020 due to fluctuation of traffic on the new website. It’s also seen by many new site owners.

In conclusion, we can say there exists a Google Sandbox until now.

Google Sandbox For a New Site

If google sandbox really exists then it is very necessary for every new site to cross the limitations of Google sandbox.

Usually, it is seen that it takes up to 6 months, For any website to overcome Google ‘s sandbox.

Generally, for the new site, I will recommend Focusing on his or her content because they are the king of your website.

How to Beat Google Sandbox?

Yes, we have to beat Google to send a box as early as possible. Otherwise, our future will be worse. As mentioned earlier, it can take up to six months to overcome Google ‘s sandbox, but it is not official that it must take six months. It can take as long as one year to two years.

Following Are the Steps That Helped Us to Beat Google Sandbox.

 Actually, the fact is that Google sandbox tests your website content by sending traffic on it. So make your content readable and much attractive to engage the user in it.

  1. Focus on your content neither focusing on SEO of the site for 1 to 6 month.
  2.  Write your content for we were not for SEO.
  3. Use meta tag very efficiently to make your site readable by Google bot that crawls your site.
  4. Use a heading tag to divide your content into several headings.

  1. Interlink your other page with no follow URL.
  2. Go through all your pages once in a day.
  3. Try to search your site in Google search to see the improvement.
  4. Use Google search console to analyse the error ranking of your site.
  5. Use Data highlighter provided by search console to form a richer snippet in Google Search. 
  6. Submit your site to Bing Webmaster to rank your site in Bing Seach Engine.
  7. Link Your site with Google Analytics to see the change of traffic in your site.



Conclusion of Google sandbox is if it really exists then you have to follow the rules and regulations as mentioned above.

To overcome as fast as you can.

As there is no official report of Google sandbox, so we can’t say that it really exist but if it really exists then you have to overcome from it and you can never escape from Google sandbox.

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