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Free keyword searching technique

Find Free Keyword | Tool | Tips & Trick|Amazing

It’s a frustrating😤😤 one to every new blogger that doesn’t have any revenue from their site so.

Some of the bloggers can’t effort to buy premium keyword searching tools and write a post without any keyword, thought that it will rank someday.

But it’s not going to happen because there are millions of blogs on Google. We have to give some indication to the Search engine for our blog that’s why we use a keyword.

After researches of 1 month, I’m here to share a technique with you for free keyword searching.

Read📖 it carefully. 

What is a keyword in SEO?

Keywords in SEO are the phrase in your content that allows a user to find your site via the search engine. In other words, these are the targeting words or phrases that we use to target search queries of users. The keyword is very useful to rank a site in Google along with SERP.

(According to Moz the keyword allows the user to search your site according to search queries.)

How can we say, Google Uses Keywords? 

There no official announcement that Google uses the keyword for ranking of site/blogs. But after many observations, it seems that when we enter, a query the first to four sites are seem to match our query. So we can say that Google uses a word or phrase to access our site.

How to find keywords from other popular sites? 

If you are can’t afford to purchase a premium keyword searching tool then visit any popular site and see the used keyword.

After seeing the keyword copy all of them and use the matching keyword in content.


When you copy the keyword of a popular site and uses it in your content, which will rank perfectly, in other words, you will get an idea of using and searching the keyword.

However, the above method is very useful and u can use it.

Let us discuss some techniques to search for keywords for free.

Google Auto-Complete 

Google autocomplete is very useful in searching for our keywords. Because of its shows the term which is most searched since. When we enter our queries in the Google search box we see many different types of text written in a dialogue box which is termed as a keyword.

How to use it. 

  1. We can use Google autocomplete for searching our keyword in the following ways. 
  2. Enter the title of your content and look up the search terms in the Google search dialogue box. Pick up a matching keyword from there.

To see no. Of search terms:-

If you want to see the search terms of your content title then simply enter it in Google search box.

Below Google search box📦 no.of results are shown as given in the following image 🖼 .

The benefit of Google Auto-Complete:-

With the help of Google AutoComplete, you can get an idea of search queries entered by the user.

You can get an idea for writing the next content.

The best thing about Google Auto Complete that you will able to directly target 🎯 your audience, however, help in better SEO your blog.

People also search for

When we enter a query in the search box and after results appear you can see (People as long search for) at below of Google search. That’s also a keyword relating to your topics. Use can them as a sub-topic for your content strategy.

It also has the same benefit as discussed above.

Use Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extension is very helpful in our daily blogging routine therefore we should install some chrome extension for better blogging. In fact, these extensions are free but some are expensive.

Some of the free extensions are discussed below. 

Today’s my topic is about Keyword so I will give some Keyword Extensions

Keyword Surfer. 

It’s a free tool used by many bloggers for free. It’s a chrome extension show search term and their rank for absolutely free 🆓🆓🆓🆓.

The best thing about this Chrome extension is it will provide you specific targeting keywords in different countries.

The main keyword provided by this Chrome extension will allow you to target your keyword in Abroad countries.

I had given a full list of Chrome extension which will help to see the rank of your site. Follow the below links🔗🔗🔗. 

For more information about Keyword Surfer -Read

Keyword Sheeter

This keyword surfing tool personally used by me to search the keyword. I’m seeing that is one of the best free keyword surfing tools that we can use.

 It provides a list of keywords that are considered too long-tail keyword and according to Google’s new update in their SEO, a long tail keyword is very useful for SERP of site/blog.

How to use.

  1. Visit the site (Keyword Sheeter). 
  2. Enter your keywords. 
  3. A list of the keyword is shown. 
  4. Copy them. 
  5. Use them in your content 😊😄😄😄. 

Click to visit

Keyword Io. 

Keyword IO is not a free keyword surfer tool but, one☝☝ thing we can do is ” when you enter your keyword in the search box there is a list of keywords from first to last”. 1-8 Keywords can be used in your content considering😯💭😯💭 as the best 👍💯keyword. But sometimes it’s not. 

Google Trends

It is a website introduced by Google Which allows you to see the trend search items in different countries. It is a very free toll given by Google trend you can use it Very nicely.

The keyword for the topic provided by the Google trend helps you to target people of a specific country, in other words, it will help you. To make a better income from your ads.


The conclusion of content is that if you want to rank your blog in Google then you have to use some premium keyword surfing tools. Which will provide everything about the keyword likes search trends, the volume of search. 

Some premium keyword surfer tool is. 

  1. Ahref
  2. Keyword Io
  3. Alexa – This premium tool to rank your blog in just one month. It is cheap to purchase.
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