4 Deadly Factors Affecting Website Speed

Factors Affecting Website Speed

Hello everyone. How are you? I am back with another interesting topic that is factors affecting the site speed.

This article(Factors Affecting Website Speed) is going to be very helpful for those readers who are facing problems regarding their website speed either they are using blogger or WordPress as a content management system. According to many SEO experts, website speed is also one of the factors in ranking. I mean to say that the ranking of your blog or website somehow depends upon their speed.

 You should check yourself.


[ctt template=”5″ link=”Ol9Fa” via=”yes” ]”  If you want to see the effect of website speed then compare the position of accelerated mobile pages and non-accelerated mobile pages. You will find that accelerated mobile page websites are higher than non-accelerated mobile page websites.”[/ctt]

 Now I think that you are clear after looking at the live example of the effect of website speed.

In this article, I will tell you the factors which affect website speed along with their solution.

Let’s start today’s article(Factors Affecting Website Speed) without wasting any more time.



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Just imagine that you are visiting a website for the search of your query. You found a website and clicked over it. After that, the website starts loading and after a few seconds, it loads completely.

This load time taken by a website to be fully loaded is known as website speed.

 I think you had started wondering How a website loaded and What are the components it loads first?

So here is the difference of major site loading criteria. These are also Factors Affecting Website Speed.

  • Server Response
  • Design :- HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Media Files

Note 📝 :-

The sequence that I had discussed above is not the exact one because there can be other sequence.It is just made on my experience basis.

Let’s start discussing everything one by one.

Server Response

Server response time means the time taken by your hosting server to display a website when a user clicks on a website link. In other words The time taken to load a web first bit of a website is known as server response time.

Server response time is not the major factor because nowadays the hosting service which you purchase provides the best response time.


Before purchasing any hosting services, please look up their server uptime and response time.

My Opinion

If you want to use my opinion, then I would recommend you to use a HostGator. A best hosting service by many website management experts.


A website is designed using HTML and CSS. There can be other languages in which a site could be designed but HTML and CSS will be the basic language to design a website.

HTML is used to design website layout by CSS to provide a colourful and attractive appearance to it.

The main culprit to decrease website speed is none other than CSS. As I had discussed earlier, CSS provides a colourful and attractive appearance to a website. So it takes time to load all colours and design perfectly.

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The problem is that you can’t remove CSS from your design because the site will look like awkward

How To Overcome From This:-

There are many methods by which you can overcome this problem.

For WordPress User:- 

  • Choose a simple and attractive design 
  • Use plugin to remove unused CSS 
  • Minify your CSS to give a better response.

For Blogger User

  • Choose a simple design which contains a little colour
  • If you are a designer then try to remove unused CSS manually. 
  • Minify CSS by using CSS minifier.

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Now I think that everyone understood it.

For any query. You can comment below.


It is found to be the second culprit for reducing the website speed. According to Wikipedia, the definition of JavaScript is It is a text-based programming language used both on client and server-side. It is used for giving the interactive element to the webpage.

As similar to CSS JavaScript also helps to design a webpage so it takes time to load all its components. The JavaScript that is on the server takes more time to respond which increases the website loading time.


Without any JavaScript, your web page will look awkward. The user coming on your site will not have better experience and interaction which can decrease the traffic.

 How to overcome this?

For WordPress

  • Choose a simple and attractive design having less number of JavaScript installed in it. 
  •  You can also use the plugin to remove unused JavaScript
  •  Non-standard JavaScript coding can also reduce your website speed so minify your JavaScript

For Blogger

  • Choose a simple and attractive design having less number of JavaScript
  • If you are a web designer then manually try to remove JavaScript from the theme of your webpage.

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Media Files

To make a website beautiful and attractive the use of media files is must.


Have you ever imagined the impact of media files on your website?

The media files such as photos, videos, etc have a large impact on loading speed. It is also because the media files that are seen on your webpage are originally kept on your website.

Are you thinking why didn’t tell the media file as the first culprit?

Let me tell you…

There are many types of extensions in images and videos that help in reducing the impact of media files.

One such is a lazy loading image in this type of coding image will not be loaded until the user visits the image place.

How to overcome this problem?

For WordPress

  • There are several plugins that you can use.
  • Always choose an image format like JPG, WEBP.
  •  Don’t fill your website with images and videos if it doesn’t need it.

For Blogger

Sins we cannot use any plugin in blogger. So we have to try manually. 

  •  Always choose an image format in a blogger like JPG.
  • Do not fully use all websites with images if it isn’t needed.
  • Always try to compress your image within 10kb.

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I think you had enjoyed the article(Factors Affecting Website Speed).

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