Ezoic Review: Best Way To Increase Website Speed And Revenue

Best Way To Increase Website Speed And Revenue

Ezoic Review: Best Way To Increase Website Speed And Revenue


Today’s topic is ” Ezoic Review; the best way to increase website speed and revenue”. The topic is specially dedicated for every website owner. 

You must have noticed many times that the speed of your or anyone else’s website is very slow. Nobody wants to visit a slow speed site because it takes more time to load. Which causes a decrease in the revenue from a website. 

My topic today is on all these things, how to increase and speed up your website and how to speed up your website using Ezoic. 

Following are topics which are discussed in whole articles. 

  1. What is Website Speed? ( Common Term SHORT DESCRIPTION) 
  2. Factors affecting website speed. 
  3. Benefits of website speed
  4. Relationship between Revenue And Site speed 
  5. What is Ezoic? 
  6. What are the benefits of Ezoic? 
  7. Conclusion
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s start with the mind ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™‚. 

Like every day, I will make a request to you in this article too.  There are some topics in this which are very important.  So read it carefully. 

What is Website Speed? 

It is a particular time taken by a website to fully load its meaningful content.  It can be different for different sites. Website speed has a huge impact on your performance and revenue.

Site speed on the following criteria

  1. Server Response
  2. JavaScript Load
  3. Image Size
  4. CSS Load Time

I’m guessing that all of you guys will be well aware of this, so I will not discuss so much about this. 

Factors Affecting Website Speed 

This is the most important topic of the entire article because those who are novice people do not know much about it.

Well, many things affect a website’s speed.  But here I will tell you some things that will be easy for you to fix. 

Server Response 

It plays a major role in your site speed. A server is a place where you upload your content and when a user clicks on a website or visits your website then the time taken to load that content from the server to users the phone is known as server response.

The server load time depends on the location and speed of the server. 

If the server speed is too low, then your site loading speed will also be very slow and the user will not visit your site because of this reason. 

I prefer you to use servers which are situated in your continent or in your country or in your district. If you can’t find any local server then use the server which provides you with a better speed. 

Using a local server will boost your site speed. 

Image Size 

 If you are a content writer for website owners, then you will surely use images to attract the user but the size of the image will slow down your website loading speed. 

In common people always use the high-quality images like PNG for any other HD photos but they don’t know that using such type of quality images will slow down website loading speed which has a bad impact on SEO as well as performance. 

Following are some qualities that you can use while uploading images on your website. 

  1. Web
  2. Low-quality JPG

I will remind you not to use image quality like PNG or any other HD photos. 

JavaScript Load Time 

As you all know JavaScript and CSS are the building block element of any website. 

Have you ever thought JavaScript load time will affect your site’s speed?

Yes, my dear Time taken in loading JavaScript will affect the site speed let us see how it is possible.

These are the set of code that is installed in your design to provide a better appearance to your website. If you have a complex JavaScript then it will execute by taking so much time which affects your website speed. 

Following are the ways by which you can reduce JavaScript load time. 

  1. Do not make JavaScript code too complex.
  2. If you have a web server, then upload the Javascript on the server. 
  3. Always try to write JavaScript in minimal form or in a short form.

CSS Load Time

As we know that JavaScript and CSS are the building block element of any website. But making two complex CSS will decrease your site speed. Same as JavaScript

Following are the ways by which you can reduce CSS load time. 

  1. Keep your CSS code very simple and easy to load.
  2. Always keep your CSS code in a well-disciplined and a minimised form.
  3. Do not use so many complex colours to decorate your website because it also slows down your speed.

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Relationship between Revenue And Site speed 

It is the most common question among people.

I am here to just try to solve this question and clear the myth of people.

Before moving forward in this topic let me tell you how revenue generated by websites. 

The revenue of any website is generated by the user reaching on that site by any medium. They give an impression, click to your ads which help in increasing the site revenue. 

If the site speed is too low, then users will come on your site and will not last long which will decrease the impression, clicks and cause a decrease in revenue. 

But if your site speed is too fast, then users will have no problem in researching your website. 

I thought that you had better understand about it.

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What is Ezoic? 

Ezoic is a type of platform for web publishers with automatic website design intelligence for their ad, content, layout and much more. 

It is basically designed to give a better performance to a visitor on a website with automatic intelligence of their design. Ezoic is very helpful in increasing the site revenue by optimising ads placement and website design.

This platform is absolutely free but it shows there small ads on the footer section of your website, which generate revenue for them by your site.

The integration of platforms on your website is so much easier.

How to Integrate It? 

Follow the given step to integrate ezoic in your website.

  1. Sign up with your Google or email on the official website 
  2. If your website is working on a popular Web server or domain registrar like Godaddy, A2 hosting, hostinger then and it is very simple to integrate it. 

Visit your domain register then to your domain setting and change the nameserver of default domain registrar to the ezoic nameserver present in the first dialogue box of integration. 

  1. After changing the name server wait for three days to verify and fully load your website on the nameserver of ezoic. 
  2.  When verification is done visit the site speed option. 
  3.  Click on the site speed accelerometer to on it. 
  4. Add some code snippets directly to your root file of web design. 
  5. In a network, option chooses your advertisement platform which you are using on your website.

You are now ready with a full-speed website.

What are the benefits of Ezoic? 

There are many benefits of Ezoic right from ads optimization to optimization of your site speed.

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Ads Optimization

It optimizes your ads by placing them on the places where there is more user interaction. This optimization of ads will help you to get more high revenue advertisements on your website and increase revenue. 

Site Speed

The best service provided by this platform is increasing the website speed by removing the unnecessary code from your website design. This site speed will help you to get more interaction with the user and performance of the site. 

Easy To Integrate

This platform is very easy to get integrated with your website.

 You only have to change your name server from default nameserver to ezoic name server and add a three lines snippet of code in your site root file. 

Very Cheap 

Like any other ad Optimisation platform, it is very cheap to use. When you will start it for the first time on a website it will show a small amount of ad on the footer section of the website. 

Once you start earning any revenue through Google AdSense it will suck off your provided fee from your Google AdSense monthly revenue and which is a charge of their service. 

It recommends you to give them $49 monthly if you have to earn of $1,000 per month.


Like any other platform, it also has its own analytic to record the performance of the website like views, search, ads revenue, keyword, etc. 

Contact Support

This platform has great contact support with lots of members. 


The summary of my entire article is that if you want the increased revenue of your website and site speed, then surely use this platform. 

I have personally used this and got better results. 

Thank You

For any requirement feel free to contact us. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the number of days trial for speed accelerometer? 

Speed accelerometer is a paid tool which you can use for seven days without a fee. 

Can we see ads on Google AdSense and Ezoic simultaneously? 

Yes, you can use both hands simultaneously because ezoic is a certified publisher by Google AdSense. 

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