Cuelinks Review – Best Affiliates Network For Blogger

Cuelinks Complete Guide And Detailed Explanation

Cuelinks Guide - Best Affiliates Network For Blogger


Today I have brought you all a fantastic topic “Cuelinks Review: Best Affiliates Network For Indian Bloggers”.

This topic is especially for those bloggers who want to get revenue by marketing products.

Cuelinks is the best affiliate network I have ever seen 👀, that’s why I am going to discuss this topic.

Following are the topics that we will cover today.

  1. What is Affiliates Marketing? ( Short Description) 
  2. What are Affiliate networks? 
  3. How does an affiliate network work? 
  4. What are cuelinks? 
  5. Why cuelinks affiliate network “the best“? 
  6. How to join Cuelinks? 

As usual, I will tell you only one thing that if you want to understand well, then stay in the whole article. 

What is Affiliates Marketing? 

I think you have to tell more about something but let me tell you a little bit that the concept should be cleared.

It is a type of marketing in which big companies sell their goods through someone else and those who sell the goods get the commission.

Above is the simple meaning of affiliate marketing. 

Since I am not here to discuss affiliates so I am not focusing on it.

For any query and consultant just comment on us. 

What are Affiliate networks? 

Basically, affiliates networks are the website or the community through publishers/advertisers getting attached to sell/advertise their products.

At this place, you can sell goods of many companies and can also check how much money comes from them.

When you connect with all these networks, you will get many company products which you will sell elsewhere, then you will get a commission on the decided rate.


If you have not yet understood this, then let’s understand by taking an example.

Imagine that we joined a network. After joining, we saw many companies promoting its goods at a fixed commission rate.

Out of many companies I chose Flipkart and I sold one item to another man and its commission rate is five per cent, so this means that 5 per cent of that original amount I will receive.

I thought you understood 😉 well 👍. 

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How does an affiliate network work? 

I already told you that an affiliate network works as a third man between a big company and a customer by the means of the marketer.

The process of working is very simple.

Once you join there are many companies that are promoting themselves and their product.

You have chosen one company and started to promote their product and selling. When a user purchases the product, the Commission is recorded by the affiliate network then it is transferred to your affiliate account. After a particular threshold, your amount will be transferred in the bank.

This is how the affiliate network works.

Let’s start with the topic for which you have come.

What are Cuelinks? 

The headquarters of cuelinks is in India.

It is a 2- minutes content monetization tool for those people, who have a blog, coupon, deal, etc website. In other words, it is an affiliate network through which merchants connect to earn a commission from sold products.

It is considered as the best affiliates network for the Indian and abroad traffic.

Although I have personally experienced its facility and product, which is best compared to other networks. 

Why Cuelinks Network “The Best”? 

Following are the reasons for which cuelinks are the best.

Verification Process:-

This is a process in which many fail if they are trying other networks. But if you are using cuelinks then the verification process is very simple on any domain, it doesn’t matter if your domain is custom or low authority.

You can take approval on any of your domains.


It provides the best analytics for measuring commission, CPL, transaction, clicks and much more.

One Time Approval:-

 If you get approval once, there is no need to go to all the programs repeatedly and take approval.


Here the process of your transaction is most simple, you can transfer ₹ 200 to your account as soon as it is completed.

Contact Support:-

Contact support is the best and I have tried this thing myself. Whenever I have called him this has solved my problems.


The second thing that is best is its notification system, if a program is closed then its notification will be forwarded to you 😘 urgently.

Following are the list of benefits. 

  1. The verification process is very simple. 
  2. Adding code to your site is very simple and easy.
  3. They have 2000 + programs to join.
  4. One time approval is very very beneficial for everyone.
  5. The withdrawal limit is 200 rupees. 
  6. The notification system is very fast, if any program is active or inactive you will get notification urgently.
  7. Best Contact Support. 
  8. It works on any domain whether it is custom such as Blogspot or any other custom domains and lower authority domains.
  9. It has various campaign systems.

  • CPL:- It is also known as cost per lead.When any person 🚶 makes lead on your offered products. 
  • CPI:- You will get paid when the user install the apps
  • CPS:- You will get paid when any person 👤 buys the products. 

  1. It is best for the Indian bloggers which make a blog on their Blogspot.

How to join Cuelinks? 

There are some basic and simple requirements that you need to fulfil.

  1. You must have a website, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter 🐦🐦, Facebook 😛📖 or anyone of them. 
  2. Have a bank account. 
  3. Knowledge of adding code in a root file(It is soo simple). 

Above are the requirements for joining.

They are simple and easy 😎😬  don’t take any tension.

Follow the given step to  join 👇👇

  • Vist cuelinks website. Go now. 
  • Fill the required information like 🙄 email📧, password, phone number 🔢, etc. 
  • Fill your URL address of anyone that is YouTube, Instagram, Twitter 🐦🐦, Facebook. 
  • Now submit for verification. 
  • Wait for 2 days. 

Go 🏃🏃🏃, enjoy❤.

Sign in With Website

Joining the website is very simple.  There is no problem with this.

When you join from your website, after giving the address, you will see a code snippet. Copy those codes and paste them in the head section of your web templates.


The conclusion of my whole article is that ” If you are using blogger or Blogspot domain and not getting approval from any monetization tool. Then u should cuelinks affiliates marketing.”

Thank you 

If you have any problem regarding this article, then you are free to comment.

Frequently Asked Questions 💭❓
Various Source

What are the minimum withdrawal limits? 

The minimum withdrawal limit is 200 rupees which are very easy to earn through this network.

Time is taken to approve a site or any other address

It takes a maximum of 3 days for approval, but the minimum day is one.

Number of a site we can add

There is no limit to adding websites in this network.

Time is taken to receive a commission from any affiliates programs

It takes 3 months to receive any commission from an affiliate program with full approval.

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