Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid For Beginners In India

Mistakes that should be avoided during affiliate marketing.


After a long time, I am back again with another blog on”Affiliate Marketing Mistake To Avoid For Beginners In India” . As my title suggests, I am going to discuss the mistakes that should be avoided by a beginner or a newbie in affiliate marketing.

The reason behind me figuring out only beginners and newbies is because professional affiliate marketers have much experience that will surely not make these types of mistakes.

Now I think that you have understood my title and the reason behind the title.

So without wasting much time

Let’s start our today’s article.

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Following are the topics that will be covered in this article.

  • Choosing zero interest niche.
  •  No proper keyword research
  • Not having proper knowledge about the product that you are describing.
  • Only focusing on product description, not on the quality and benefit

Choosing zero interest niche

Before I should start to explain this topic.

Let’s understand. What is a niche?


What Is A Niche? 

Niche is a particular topic in any field at which you are an expert in writing content or blog.

 I thought you didn’t understand. Still

Let’s see 👀 an example.

As you see on my website, I am providing new content and articles on SEO, keyword research, etc, so my niche is digital marketing.

I thought by the example you had well understood about it. If you don’t please comment and I will make a particular article on this topic.

Choosing zero interest Niche or no interest Niche is the big and common mistakes among the beginners.

I have seen many beginners who used to decide nature according to profit and commission. It is also seen that beginners visit other affiliate sites and see that website is generating a good commission. And starts copying their Niche for their blogs without having any interest in that Niche.

. Due to which they don’t produce their interest in that topic and get bored after a few days.

 Let’s take an example. 

Ezoic Review: Best Way To Increase Website Speed And Revenue

By two people who are content writers And a beginner. 

 The first person name is Ram. He has chosen his Niche on sports product due to the High Commission rate but the problem is that he didn’t know anything about the sport product. 

After some days of writing 40 -50 blogs, he had left that work due to getting bored in writing. 

Second person name is Shyam and he has chosen his Niche on fashion products. 

Shyam is a fashion blogger and a fashion expert in his professional life. 

So he has chosen his Niche to promote the fashion product and he is doing well due to the interest of his in the chosen topics.

I thought that you had understood the interest in Niche is important.

I recommend you to choose those needs for marketing at which you have much interest.

Do not look on the commission rate because all the commission is dependent on the number of people purchasing your recommended product. If your niche is right and you also have a lot of interest in that then you will easily write the content which can drive more traffic and engagement with the user.

The summary of my whole topic is to keep your niche according to your interest, do not look at the commission rate or other people doing better.

No Proper Keyword Research

It is the second most common mistake among beginners. As they don’t have much experience in keyword research they fail in ranking their content or a blog.

Let me tell you the mindset of a beginner according to my research.

You can use keyword researcher Like-

“Beginners always use short-tail keywords of high CPC and search volume to rank and get a lot of organic traffic.”

It fails 👎👎… . . . … 

They fail in this practice because their website is a brand new and doesn’t have much thought that Google will rank in the top 10 of their services.

Due to which 😔😔😔… .. . … 

Due to which they get bored in marketing and quit it.

Some best ways to research keywords for affiliate marketers. 

  • Always try to use a long-tail keyword.
  • Focus on the change of interest for people queries.

I think you have understood it well.

 If you don’t comment, I will make a specific article for the topic.

” How to research keywords for affiliate marketing?”

Not Having Proper Knowledge About Products

Before reading this topic just imagine that

” [ctt template=”5″ link=”844hy” via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]You are visiting a shop and asked for a product from the shopkeeper which you want to buy.[/ctt]When he took that product to you. You asked him to describe to me about the product such as its quality specification, characteristic. 

Shopkeeper started describing it, but you didn’t understand because he doesn’t have much knowledge about the specific product.”

Surely ✔  you will move to the next shop by avoiding their product.

Similarly… .. . ….

Similarly when any viewer visits your website. He read the content and description of the product first.

After being satisfied with your description of the product, he proceeds to buy it.

But… . . . . . . .. 

But when the user reads your content and doesn’t get satisfied he will move to the next website like the shopkeeper story that I have explained above.


Best way to improve…. 

Best way to improve is that before promoting a product you should collect all the information about it and make sure that your knowledge about the product is broader.

The summary of my entire topic is “Make your content engaging by expanding your knowledge circle about the related product that you are promoting.”

Only focusing on the product description, not on the quality and benefits.

This mistake is made by many newbie people.  So do not make this mistake or else your affiliate marketing future will be spoiled.

While promoting any product, people forget that “When any person buys some product he always looks at the  quality and benefit, not by looking at his description.”

If you have been a newcomer to affiliate marketing worlds, then don’t make such a mistake, otherwise, your marketing future is going to be very bad.

I have said this because people buy any item, by looking at the quality and benefits and not just reading about it.

I hope that you guys have understood me completely.  If you guys don’t understand.  Telling you in the comment, I will answer it daily.


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